Weighing Laboratory (Categorisation & Weighing)


„You are always on the legal side with us!“


All initial distributors of packaging must define their licenced packaging, determine its mass and material and submit the data to the EPR scheme according to § 6 of the German Packaging Ordinance.


What we can do for you:


As an expert service, we generate the required information for data registration to the EPR system under identical, binding and reproducible conditions.


In detail, our service includes:


  • Registration of incoming goods and documents
  • Classification according to the German Packaging Ordinance
  • Verification of function, completeness and plausibility of received packaging
  • Weight determination with calibrated precision scales
  • Photo documentation
  • Compiling and shipment of a weighing protocol
  • Data archiving according to legal requirements
  • Disposal of weighed packaging


Your advantages:


  • We can look back on many years of experience:Our costumers include more than 1,200 producers and distributors.
  • You benefit from our know-how: The weighing is conducted by our experts under standardised conditions.
  • You will receive an expert certificate as proof for your EPR scheme or auditor: Our weighing protocol can be used as an accepted proof
    • for law-conform participation of sales packaging in an EPR system (dual system) and
    • for weight determination of sales packaging needed towards the Letter of Representation according to § 10 of the German Packaging Ordinance.



Please contact:


Silvia Tholen

Phone +49 541 77080-21


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